Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Episode 40 - Occupational Hazzards

Yes, this really is a problem around this household. Finding time for... well, let's just say finding time for what's important.

It's hard for me to find time alone with the Hubster. In addition to the kids, we both put in a lot of hours at work, and since I'm usually up two hours before Hubster is, I'm usually out cold two hours before he is. We really do have to schedule sex if it's going to happen. Oh, and buy a nice bottle of wine so I can relax, because between work and chasing after the kids, I'm wound tighter than a cuckoo clock by the end of the day.

Anyway, speaking of work, I have four new stories for sale with Logical Lust. These stories originally ran on the Heat Flash Erotica Podcast, they are scorching hot, and I think you will enjoy them. Check them out here!


Margaret Yang said...

Hooray! New cartoon!

Helen said...

Hey, that's three weeks in a row now, right? I'm getting better at this whole "regular schedule" thing ;)

Ava Quinn said...

Yowza! This one is awesome. But it really hits close to home, too. Still deciding whether to laugh or cry. Love it!

Helen said...


If people knew how infrequently erotica writers really have sex, they'd finally understand why we write so much about it!

Glad you enjoyed the cartoon!