Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Episode 16

Episode 16

This has happened to me far too often.  There’s nothing so frustrating as having the whole story in your head and not being able to capture it.  That’s my best friend Mary on the bench with me, by the way.  She knows about all my writing woes, and yet she still puts up with me.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Episode 15

Episode 15

This is the real reason why we need four hands and two sets of eyes.  Multi-tasking is very important to us writer-moms.

By the way, this one took forever to draw – four characters plus all those seat.  Ugh!  It was worth it though.  That hottie in the passenger’s seat? That’s Orziel, the main character from my e-book, Demon By Day.

(Insert shameless pimping here!)  Demon By Day is available from Mojocastle Press.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Episode 14


This is also a true story, although Pixie wasn’t able to blow up the ‘balloon’ herself.  She asked me to do it instead.

Episode 13


True story! My youngest, Pixie, gets into everything.  And the results are maddening, but funny.

Episode 12


This one stars my best friend Mary!  She’s the nurse, the one who will give you a colonoscopy if you look at her wrong… Just kidding.  She’s really nice.  She puts up with me.

Playing for Keeps is a super hero novel written by Mur Lafferty, who also produces the “I Should Be Writing” podcast.  Both her podcast and the book are cool, so check them out!

Episode 11


Sadly, this one is also true.  My poor husband.  He really is an angel.

Episode 10


Here we have it, the sad, sad truth about my life.  Not the glamorous cliche with whips and chains and lingerie, but a pre-dawn wake-up call and a blank page.  Still, I love my job.  Beats working at Micky-D’s.

Episode 09


No, this one didn’t really happen.  But hey, I’m allowed to dream, right?

Episode 08


True story! I wrote a piece for Coming Together: With Pride, an erotica charity anthology edited by Alessia Brio.  Proceeds from this book go to AVERT.org to help with AIDS/HIV research and education.  Remember, coming is good. Giving is better.

Episode 07


Yeah, this one’s happened to me too.

By the way, where do babies come from?

Episode 06


True story!  This has actually happened to me on a couple of occasions.  Thus I no longer join mommies’ groups.  Not that I don’t have a mommy posse.  I do, but we’re all too weird to be a proper mommies’ group.  We’re more like a murderous gang of heathens and freaks.  Seriously, don’t piss any of us off.  We might have to rub you out.  Or else let Mary jab you with a hypodermic needle.  She’s a nurse, she can do that.  She can give you a colonoscopy too, so watch it pal…

Episode 05


Don’t ya just hate smart-ass main characters?  Especially when they’re pretty boys.  Yeesh!

Episode 04


Here’s a scene that happens all too often. One kid sick, one with a poopie diaper, laundry waiting to be done… I can wash it, but never can get around to folding it for some reason… and in the midst of all this, me trying to work on my great epic pornographic novel.  Yep, that’s my life.

Episode 03


I did this cartoon as a Mother’s Day present for my mom.  When I was three, she found herself trying to run me to ground so she could kill me for something I’d done (yes, I was trouble even then). That was when she decided she really needed to go back to work.  I work at home these days, so I don’t have my mom’s options for getting out…

Episode 02


Ain’t this the sad, sad truth?  Baby got back, but so does Mama…

Episode 01 and Welcome!

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